Discover our new digital campaign #InvisiblePain



The ANALGESIA Institute Foundation, in partnership with DoCTAM* students,
is launching its awareness-raising campaign #DouleurInvisible

Chronic pain, which is still too little known to the general public but a real scourge in our society, now affects more than 10 million French people.
For many pathologies such as osteoarthritis, low back pain, cancer, heart disease, stroke, neuropathy or fibromyalgia, pain is often the main symptom. 
The objective of this public awareness campaign is to remind the public that even if chronic pain is not always physically apparent, it strongly and durably alters the patients' quality of life.  

11 portraits will be diffused progressively, during one year, at the rhythm of a new portrait every month.


Move the cursor to the right and discover Mireille, Antoine, Mira, Jean, Léa, Maxime, Clara and Romain' daily life

Invisible Pain campaign Mireille 2Invisible Pain campaign Mireille
Invisible Pain campaign Antoine 2Invisible Pain campaign Antoine
MIRA English 2Invisible Pain campaign MIRA
JEAN English 2JEAN English 1
LEA English 2LEA English 1
MAXIME English 2MAXIME English 1
Douleur Invisible Clara EN 2Douleur Invisible Clara EN
Invisible PainInvisible Pain
Douleur Invisible V4 EN6Douleur Invisible V4 EN5


Meeting patient expectations and raising public awareness on chronic pain

How did the idea for the project emerge?
Today, nearly 1 in 5 adults suffer from chronic pain. During their studies, DoCTAM students interviewed painful patients to determine their expectations in terms of communication about chronic pain. The conclusion was unanimous: painful patients want this pain, which has become a "disease", to no longer be invisible.
What is the campaign's target?
The general public is the main target of this awareness campaign. Patients (very present and active on social networks) can also share the visuals in order to be an actor in this campaign and thus highlight their #InvisiblePain. 
On which media can the campaign be found?
The 6 portraits will be published monthly on our website but also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn with the hashtag #InvisiblePain. So that chronic pain is no longer invisible, you too can become an actor in this campaign by sharing these visuals widely on your networks!


About DoCTAM *  

DoCTAM is a group of seven students from advanced scientific backgrounds (PhDs in biology or pharmacists), currently in a specialized Master's degree in Marketing and Sales Management of the Health Industries at the Toulouse Business School.

As part of their health project (conducted in 2018-2019), DocTAM students have chosen to focus on the issue of chronic pain and its management. By using quantitative and qualitative surveys conducted among patients, patient associations, doctors or pain specialists, students recommended to the ANALGESIA Institute the creation of supports or events aimed at informing and raising awareness on chronic pain among as many people as possible. It is in this context that the #DouleurInvisible campaign was co-created. A conference was also organised on 17 October 2019 in Toulouse during the World Day Against Pain