Why donate?


...because millions of people around the world are affected by chronic pain!

It concerns very different situations and causes many sufferings with repercussions on family and professional life. Moreover, current pain treatments do not really relieve patients and are often ineffective.
Therapeutic innovation in pain management has been at a standstill for more than 50 years!
It is therefore essential to act together!


because the ANALGESIA Institute is the leading research foundation in the field of pain and federates in France the actors of care and research involved in pain control.

Our aim is to bring together caregivers, researchers, experts and patient associations to innovate and empower people to act more effectively against pain.


... because the ANALGESIA Institute places the painful patient at the heart of all its projects.

Our approach is unique and innovative because it starts from the patient to feed the research and then comes back to the patient.


...because with your support, the ANALGESIA Institute has the means to act for innovation so that each patient can return to a pain-free life!

Your donation contributes to:
- Implement new research projects in the field of pain.
- Develop new therapeutic solutions and better patient care.

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As an organization of general interest, the ANALGESIA Institute is a foundation authorized to receive, donations, bequests and life insurance. .
You can be sure that your donation will be used appropriately. The ANALGESIA Institute is particularly concerned about transparency and the use of the funds it raises.

The accounting balance of the ANALGESIA Institute is certified each year by an independent auditor and are publicly reported.