Who are we?

The ANALGESIA Institute,
first research foundation in France dedicated
to innovation against pain.


Born in Clermont-Ferrand (France), in 2016, the ANALGESIA Institute is based on more than 20 years of
expertise in care and research
on chronic pain.


Approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research in February 2016, the ANALGESIA Institute Foundation aims to support and lead projects of scientific excellence, as well as any activity of general interest, particularly of a medical, scientific or social nature, to promote translational research and innovation in the field of pain.

Our founding members

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The ANALGESIA Institute,
the strength of a network at the forefront of innovation against pain.

The ANALGESIA Institute is an agile structure structure that brings together , within its network, teams from different scientific and geographical backgrounds
who work in partnership on research and care projects.

Network of Chronic Pain Expert Centres

INSERM and CNRS research teams