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The ANALGESIA Institute's mission is to financially support healthcare and research teams engaged in the pain field.
Several calls for projects are launched each year.


Call for STARTER projects "Pain and Animal Health"

The ANALGESIA Institute is launching a call for STARTER projects in "Pain and Animal Health" for an amount of €18,000. This award must enable an academic team wishing to develop a research theme on pain in animal health to acquire or complete preliminary results that will then allow it to apply for competitive calls for projects (deadline September 30, 2019 midnight)..

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With the support of the Dômes Pharma Group

Call for STARTER projects "Translational research"

The 2019 call for projects is now closed |More informations |

Award winner 2017
DIAMOND Project: "Diagnostic Markers of Neuropathic Dental Pain" led by Dr Nathan MOREAU (Bretonneau Hospital - APHP in Paris).
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Award winner 2018
SVG-NINA project: "Galvanic vestibular stimulation" led by Dr Koichi HAGIWARA (UMR1028 Lyon - NEUROPAIN).
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In partnership with SFETD (French society for the study and treatment of pain)

Call for STARTER projects within the ANALGESIA Network

The ANALGESIA Institute also organizes calls for projects for the members of its care / research network.

Award winner 2017
Project: an innovative and well-tolerated therapeutic strategy against oxaliplatin-induced neuropathy carried out jointly by the pharmacologists of UMR 1107 NEURO-DOL and the chemists of UMR CNRS 6296 - ICCF

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