Our approach

The ANALGESIA Institute
supports and accompanies innovative projects against pain, patient-centred, whether human or animal


Our projects are always collaborative, partnership being for the ANALGESIA Institute the best way to decompartmentalize research and effectively bring together teams that are distant, from a scientific point of view (complementary skills) or more simply geographical.
For us, interdisciplinarity is an essential driver of innovation.

Icône patient lit ANALGESIA
Putting the patient
at the heart of the research
Icône Innovation ANALGESIA
Aiming for innovation
in all projects
Icone réseaux ANALGESIA
Decompartmentalizing research
through partnerships
Icône humain et animal ANALGESIA
Combining human health
and animal health

Our values

The ANALGESIA Institute carries humanistic values within it,
priority is always given to the people who conduct the projects and to those who benefit from them.