Patients' words

  • Chronic pain has invaded my life and the lives of those around me for the past 10 years. It has made each day's actions and decisions more difficult. Every day, I learn to live with it and fight to make it as quiet as possible. I refuse to let it make me lose my smile. Today, I want to help other patients so that they can also find moments of respite. Thanks to research, I dream that these pains will soon be nothing more than a bad memory.
  • Portrait C Robert
    Living with chronic pain is a non-choice of life, it's first undergoing, then vaguely accepting, not pain, but feeling pain... As a young person, I saw my life built on objectives, projects turned towards creativity. Unfortunately, for decades I've been telling myself that my body is not my best friend. In later life, I have a simple dream: to know again, one hour, one half-day WITHOUT PAIN, without a tense face, finally soothed... It is clear to me that making progress in the fight against pain will simply bring patients hope for the future.
    Carole Robert
    Patient and President of the association Fibromyalgie France

Catherine Sebire
Director of the AFVD – “Association Francophone pour Vaincre la Douleur”


Experts' words